Make your Employee Commuting sustainable

This comprehensive course is designed specifically for Travel/Mobility and Sustainability Managers who seek to integrate sustainable practices into their organization’s employee commuting policies. The curriculum is tailored to provide in-depth knowledge and practical skills necessary for implementing and managing effective sustainable commuting strategies.

Who Should Take This Course?

Travel/Mobility Managers: Ideal for those responsible for planning and managing corporate travel policies, seeking to adopt environmentally friendly and cost-effective commuting solutions.
Sustainability Managers: Perfect for professionals focused on integrating sustainable practices into their organization’s operations and policies.

What Will You Learn?

Basics of Sustainable Commuting: Understand the environmental, social, and economic aspects of sustainable commuting, including various sustainable modes of transportation.

Influencing Employee Commuting Choices: Learn motivational strategies and incentives to encourage employees to adopt sustainable commuting habits.

Implementation Strategies: Gain insights into planning, resource allocation, and effective roll-out of sustainable commuting programs.

Monitoring and Evaluation: Master the art of measuring the impact of commuting programs using key metrics and data analysis.

Overcoming Challenges: Tackle common obstacles in promoting sustainable commuting, from infrastructure issues to employee resistance.

Future Trends and Innovations: Stay ahead of emerging technologies and trends in sustainable commuting.

Leadership and Organizational Culture: Explore how leadership and organizational culture influence the success of sustainable commuting initiatives.

Global Perspectives: Learn from global best practices and adapt them to your local context.

Comprehensive Strategy Development: Develop skills to create and implement a cohesive, sustainable commuting strategy aligned with organizational goals.

By the end of this course, Travel/Mobility and Sustainability Managers will be equipped with a holistic understanding of sustainable commuting, ready to lead and implement impactful commuting strategies that align with modern sustainability goals and enhance overall organizational well-being.