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Every setback is an invitation to rethink, evolve and come back better to a sustainable economic viability. Our training program teaches the breadth of sustainable business travel components and offers practical insights and effective steps to help you improve your sustainability practices. We teach at how to create a new model for business travel that harnesses the real value of a pro-active and successful business travel program, respects the new needs of travel, and creates a responsible, sustainable company. In other words, a balanced approach to sustainable business travel.

Creation of a sustainable business travel program
22. 09. 2022
21. 10. 2022
starting at $ 395 ,-
online / english
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Creation of a sustainable business travel program

The GSTC Sustainable Business Travel course provides the knowledge and tools needed to improve sustainability practices in business travel. The training follows the GSTC criteria, the global standards for sustainability in travel and tourism, and offers best practices for a business travel program.

The online sustainable business travel course is offered as a 4-week moderated and interactive course and provides a convenient way to improve your sustainability skills in a flexible online learning environment while learning with GSTC experts and other sustainable business travelers.

The English language course will help you take specific steps to follow globally recognized standards and best practices for sustainable business travel.

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