Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

Fly Green Alliance

Sarah Wilkin


Sarah Wilkin is founder & CEO of Fly Green Alliance (FGA). FGA work towards increasing the use and production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and are building awareness, solutions and policy for acceleration and adoption of SAF by airlines, business travellers and in time leisure travellers. Sarah switched careers from digital marketing to contribute to the energy transition in the travel sector due to her desire to do more and her passion for travel, culture, bringing sustainability to business, and behavioural change. She is an advocate for green travel, researcher and has been presenting to corporate travellers, policy makers and academia.

Climate Change Consulting


Dr. Julie Berckmans


Climawise turns climate data into value by evaluating the impact of climate change at a sectoral level. Climawise is founded by Dr. Julie Berckmans, a climate scientist with expertise in conveying climate information to businesses and organisations. Climate change and the increase of extreme weather forces business travel to fundamental rethinking on meeting destinations, their seasonality and adjacent attractions. Climawise supports businesses and organisations on making informed decisions grounded in environmental insights.

Green Meeting Place Finder

Convien GmbH

Christian „Fred“ Hieronimi


CONVIEN from Munich is a provider of innovative solutions in the field of meeting and travel management. The core product is the Meeting Place Finder, which enables companies and organizations to reduce the carbon footprint of events by up to 40%. By using artificial intelligence during the planning of a meeting, participants can be projected to choose the optimal location with regard to CO2 emissions, travel costs, productivity, compliance and security.

Travel Carbon Reporting

Thrust Carbon

Glenn Thorsen


Thrust Carbon is an IATA award-winning greentech startup with the clear purpose of developing and providing technology solutions for travel sustainability. We aim to make it effortless to implement and manage a sustainable travel program based on objectives and conditions defined by each customer. Our vision is of a world where our actions don’t have to cost the Earth. We’re on a mission to make business effortlessly green. We do this through turning complex calculations into simple, beautiful data driven reports. Our easy to use software is designed to support changing behaviours whilst delivering total transparency. We are committed to simplifying the workload of our clients in creating and managing a sustainable travel programme and principles through intelligent use of technology. We don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel where technological solutions are concerned. We aim to reduce the human workload in these processes, freeing up expensive resources and capital that allows our clients to redeploy these in more meaningful environmental decisions and projects.

Augmented Collaboration


Dennis Ahrens


We are convinced that augmented reality offers unique opportunities to exchange ideas using 3D models. This requires a platform to which 3D models can be uploaded and on which other participants can view these 3D models across devices (e.g. in the web browser or on the Microsoft HoloLens 2) at the touch of a button. This and more is made possible by our Platform HoloDesk. We offer our customers a solution approach to optimize processes, reduce costs and better sell products. We focus on use cases that are related to collaboration: discussion of products in 3D, sales support, remote support. Thanks to the modular design and individual extensions (e.g. HoloDesk Progress), it is also possible to map further use cases such as maintenance and quality assurance processes.

Traveler Behavior
Porträt Katharina Paoli

Nudgd AB

Katharina Paoli


Nudgd offers digital solutions and advisory within the field of behavioral science. By using nudging we make sustainable choices easy and take action towards the Global Sustainable Development Goals. We match behavioral challenges with hands on solutions that give ROI and measurable results in your sustainability initiatives.

Sustainable Fleet
Porträt Jan-Moritz Jericke

Project Climate GmbH

Jan-Moritz Jericke

Logo Project Climate GmbH

PROJECT CLIMATE GmbH is a specialized consulting company in the field of sustainable company mobility. Since 2012, we have been supporting companies and institutions to make fleets more climate-friendly. For this purpose, we create individual mobility concepts and put them into practice together with our customers. Topics include: introduction of e-mobility, reduction of fleet size, switch to alternative means of transport, mobility budget and efficient driving. If the goals of the Paris climate agreement are taken seriously, we will have to operate almost carbon-free from the middle of the century onwards. This motivates us and sets the framework for our work.

Food Waste
Portät Viola Bärwald

Too Good To Go GmbH

Viola Bärwald

logo Too Good To Go GmbH

With “Too Good To Go”, businesses can sell their surplus food and food to new customers at a discounted price. In this way, you reduce the waste of good food and thus actively protect our environment. Through the app, bakeries, restaurants, cafes, hotels and supermarkets can offer their surplus goods at a reduced price of self-collectors. Customers order and pay directly through the app and then only need to pick up their portion in the store in the specified time window. This creates a win-win-win situation for businesses, customers and the environment.

CO2 Flight Compensation
Portät Robin Stoffers


Robin Stoffers


ClimatePartner is a solution provider for climate protection for companies: We combine individual consulting with cloud-based software, which is unique in the market. We help our customers to calculate, reduce and compensate for unavoidable emissions. In this way, products and services as well as companies become climate neutral, which is confirmed by our label.

We offer climate protection projects in different regions and with different technologies and standards, especially the additional social effects of the projects are particularly important to us. In doing so, we are guided by the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the SDGs.

Portät 1

ECPAT Deutschland e.V.

Josephine Hamann


ECPAT is a child rights organization working on national level with different stakeholders for the protection of children from sexual exploitation. We work together with companies, organizations and institutions on child protection measures and policies to actively protect children from sexual exploitation in tourism, online and from human trafficking. ECPAT offers Trainings, Online-Seminars, E-Learnings as well as support to successfully implement child protection measures.

Multi-Hub Meetings


Evelien Aernaudts


Abbit designs more sustainable events with Multi Hub Meetings Sustainable events are no longer an option, but an imperative! How to reduce event environmental footprint and cost? Mother Earth urges us to come up with solutions. When a meeting planner decides to organise a hybrid meeting, the participants have the option not to travel to the event but to attend the conference online. Consequently, the participant avoids unnecessary travel and unnecessary costs associated with his/her travel. Abbit designs the most effective hybrid meeting, with engaged online participants, local cohesion and global inclusion between all hubs.

Koncept/Text Report
Portät 1

mlD – Partner for simple Language

Marie-Luise Dörffel


The trained Germanist and pedagogue has been working in the field of barrier-free communication for more than 20 years. Objective: to prepare, shorten, make more readable technical and non-material texts in a target group-oriented or generally comprehensible manner. With simple language and clear sentences for easy and fast understanding. Her clients come from industry, municipalities, museum and scientific fields. Marie-Luise Dörffel also offers translations and text development as a specialty for “Easy language for people with learning disabilities”.

Graphic Design Report
Portät Claudia Stiefel

stiefeldesign – nachhaltiges Kommunikationsdesign

Claudia Stiefel


Claudia Stiefel is the owner of the design office stiefeldesign – sustainable communication design. She has been working as an independent communications designer since 2008. Claudia works for public authorities, NGOs and associations with a focus on the environment, climate protection and social affairs.

Her services include the conception, design and implementation of print media such as brochures, flyers and posters, appearances, interactive exhibitions, and learning materials. In the realization of sustainability projects, the graduate designer has, in addition to her diploma in the field of visual communication at the University of Design Offenbach am Main, received two years of additional training as an expert in cultural education for sustainable development (ÜBER LEBENSKUNST).

Portät 1

Lonneke de Kort

logo is an innovative hotel booking site that aims to make the travel sector more sustainable. It is the world’s first organization that presents more than 14,000 certified hotels with more than 30 prestigious, globally recognized eco-labels. Based on the “staygreencheck score”, it indicates how transparent the certified accommodations are in terms of the sustainability score. In addition, there is an overview of the CO2 emissions of more than two million hotels.

Both methodology and the green indicators and the green indicators available to are demonstrated and verified by the Advisory Board.